Who am I?

My name is Sander Bouman. As of February 1st, 2021 I joined the VertiDrive team as Business Development Manager. Originally coming from the south of The Netherlands, currently living in Utrecht with my three kids. My hobbies include sports, cooking, and traveling.

My background

I hold a Master’s degree from Nyenrode Business University with a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions. After my studies I started working at an insurance company, soon finding out that I prefer working with tangible products in a commercial environment. My interest in the chemical industry comes from working at AkzoNobel. After several years, I made a move to an international tank storage company and became commercially responsible for two terminals. I gained knowledge and experience in my 14 years of industries like Oil & Gas, chemicals, tank storage, and maritime. In these years, I have seen that maintenance or cleaning of assets can take a lot of time and effort and significantly impact operations and commercial goals.

VertiDrive and me

At VertiDrive I make use of my knowledge and experience for the benefit of our customers. Having worked in the industry myself I know what drives your operations and the financial implications. The VertiDrive product portfolio offers customers a wide array of options; (U)HP and abrasive, open or closed system, electrical or pneumatic. All our crawlers minimize downtime of assets, allow for safer working, and lower the overall cost of operation. VertiDrive offers operational strength to customers with specifically designed crawlers that are considered proven technology. The relentless focus on R&D keeps our crawlers being no. 1 on the market.

My goals

My primary goal is to support customers when transitioning from manual operations to an optimized robotic solution. Knowing your business and projects will result in the best possible advice and setup. Besides that, I look for opportunities to expand the customer base in new markets and to pre-market upcoming innovations by VertiDrive. I also provide feedback from customers and the market to our R&D department. This helps VertiDrive to keep innovating. Customers with very specific and/or new requirements might be best helped with a development project. My role is to be the voice of the customer and funnel requirements to our R&D and make sure that the right solution is feasible and ultimately designed. Let’s talk and find a robotic solution for your projects together!