Opening an office across the Atlantic Ocean from our headquarters has been a goal for our company a while now, and with our new team member based in Florida, we are finally able to make it happen. We can now serve the US-market more efficiently and work closer together with our partners BlastOne and Jet Stream.


What does this mean?

We have seen a great deal of potential for US contractors working on large steel structures to automate their processes and work more efficiently. The maritime, tank storage, offshore, and other industries alike are used to the conventional way of doing their daily business, thus it can be an intimidating thought to implement a different or newer system.


By taking the time to sit down with one of our representatives to review our solutions, we can show how VertiDrive can solve and simplify many of their daily tasks, allowing the businesses to reach their future goals quickly and more efficiently.

Our representatives show how VertiDrive’s solutions can help execute jobs in half the time (or more); perform more jobs a year; save on costs; provide a safer environment; and be more environmental friendly – without having to hire additional employees.


Our US representative

Giovanni Smit is our new asset to the team, located in Naples, Florida. He has been working with us as a freelancer for the last two years, as our marketing and communications consultant to help refresh VertiDrive’s marketing and branding systems. With Giovanni’s recent move to the US, we decided to have him help us expand our business and make him our Marketing and Sales Representative in the USA. Under this role, he serves US contractors and asset owners to help them understand what automations of processes can mean for their business and help them through the process. Giovanni also assists with setting up live demos throughout multiple locations in the US.


Long story short: we are happy to welcome and introduce you to Giovanni Smit – our marketing and sales specialist located in Naples, Florida.


If there are any questions for him, don’t hesitate and contact him over email or by phone:


E-mail address:

Phone: +1 (239) 776-0057


Go office USA!