Some common questions about the VertiDrive magnetic crawler solutions


Where can I find technical specifications of the robots?

You can find technical information on our robots here.

Can I receive an information package to show to other departments within my company?

For sure! On the pages of our website you can find various materials; Technical product sheets, Case studies, ROI calculator, videos, and articles. Wish to receive something specific? Please call us or fill in the contact form, and we will be in touch.

Where can I find video material of the robots?

You can find video material about our robots in our resource library. We also upload videos of our robots working in the field on our LinkedIn profile.

Where is VertiDrive represented?

We have a vast network of sales partners across the globe who possess the needed knowledge about our products. Have a look at our partner overview here.

What are the lead times on the equipment?

We produce according to the Made To Order principle. This means we will start production after receiving your purchase order. We strive to ship your new robot in between 3 to 6 weeks.


Is it possible to rent the equipment?

Yes, we have different rental options available. Contact us to discover the rental possibilities.

I have specific requirements for my projects, can I use a VertiDrive?

We like details! Please share them with us. This information is crucial in selecting the right solution for your requirements.

What is the average performance of a Vertidrive solution?

Please refer to the desired robot’s product leaflet. You can access the leaflets here.

What auxiliary equipment is suitable for your solutions?

In general, most already owned equipment can be used with our crawlers. We provide a tool for the person holding the nozzle with a crawler. The biggest difference is that the robot can work/handle more thrust than a person can handle, which makes it faster and more efficient.

My needs are completely different from the standardized solutions you offer, but I do see a possibility to use your crawler. What are my options?

Since we develop, design, and manufacture our crawlers ourselves there are many options. We have delivered many customized systems already, and with our feasibility study, we will show you the possibilities, timeline, and costs necessary to customize.

Are the closed blasting M2 and M4 crawlers also suitable for closed abrasive blasting?

No, the M2 and M4 crawlers are only to be used with (U)HP water.

Will the crawler be able to take over all of the manual labor?

No, it will not. Our crawlers are made for larger flat or slightly curved surfaces. Typically they will be able to do 80 – 95% of the total area to be blasted, based on the situation and object. Thus, your staff can be assigned to other tasks within a project.

If I want to do both abrasive, and (U)HP blasting, do I need multiple robots?

Not necessarily, most of our crawlers are to be seen as a platform that can carry several applications for HP, UHP, and abrasive blasting. Also, we have divisible units which are easy to convert into another crawler. This means 2-in-1. Explore them here.


How many people are involved operating the robot?

In general, one operator is needed to control the robot. Additional staff can still be deployed for other tasks during the operation. For example, controlling the pump.

Can the robot drive upside-down/overhead

Yes! Because of their strong magnetic adhesion, the robots are able to drive and operate in all directions.

What other equipment is needed for the crawler to operate?

For open water blasting, a pump is required. For closed water blasting, a vacuum system is also needed to separate the wastewater. For abrasive blasting, a blast pot and compressor are needed.

What can I expect regarding maintenance costs?

On average you can expect maintenance costs on a unit to be between 5 – 10% annually.

What’s the best practice to determine the settings of the crawler?

We recommend dialing it in at eye level, blast/cleaning a small area, and checking if the cleanliness/profile is as specified.

Does a crawler ever get stuck/stops working at height?

There are always instances where the robot can get stuck or where one of the safety mechanisms gets triggered, resulting in that the robot will stop. During the training, situations like these are discussed and you will be taught what to do in such a situation.

Are there limitations in the blast media I want to use?

Yes, there are. Since we use permanent magnets to keep our robots attached to the surface, the use of magnetic abrasives like steel shots will not be possible. Any other (non-magnetic) media is suitable.


I just wish to receive a quote, can I get one?

We’d love to quote you one of our solutions! In order to make sure we provide you with the right solution, we need information about your project or operations. This input is valuable for us because we can then make sure your quote will solve your challenges in your blasting and washing activities.

I want to buy a complete package. Is this possible?

VertiDrive can supply you with a crawler, and portable vacuum system. However, we have many partners worldwide with which we can offer you a complete package at competitive prices. Our partner network consists of numerous suppliers/ manufacturers of (ultra) high-pressure equipment, abrasive blasting equipment, vacuum systems, etc. All with representation in your area. Explore our partner network.

Is (on-site) training included in the purchase of a Vertidrive solution?

Yes, every newly purchased machine includes a 2-day training at our facility or on-site. Already own a VertiDrive solution? Then we also offer refreshment training at our facility or on-site.

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