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Powered by Horizon 2020 EU-funding, a consortium consisting of the world’s leading marine experts and engineers are working together to create an innovative new fouling protection system for commercial seagoing vessels, and to accelerate its entry to market. This project is called eSHaRk (Eco-friendly Ship Hull film system with fouling release and fuel saving properties).

The eSHaRk project aims to bring a greener and more efficient anti-fouling solution to the market. This innovative new technology not only maintains current fouling protection standards but is superior to existing solutions in terms of eco-friendliness, ease of application, durability and drag-reduction, all of which will lead to fuel savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

VertiDrive invented and realized a working, autonomous adhesive foil laminating robot under this program.




Innovation starts with a feasibility study!

Custom design for you VertiDrive’s product portfolio already meets a vast array of customer needs for surface treatment in various segments like maritime, tank storage, offshore, and other industrial environments. Our crawlers handle applications like HP cleaning, UHP...

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