Custom design for you

VertiDrive’s product portfolio already meets a vast array of customer needs for surface treatment in various segments like maritime, tank storage, offshore, and other industrial environmentsOur crawlers handle applications like HP cleaning, UHP hydro blasting, and abrasive blastingDrive systems can be electrical or pneumatic, and for most demanding safety requirements we offer ATEX Zone II certified crawlers

VertiDrive’s yearlong standing in a performance-demanding industry makes us your partner to advisyou on optimizing your operations. But what if your requirements are different? What if you need something else, something new? 

Maybe you desire a crawler that can be operated on small curvatures? Or a crawler that requires a different fall arrester system? Or you have a new surface processing application you wish to automate? 


….VertiDrive can custom design and develop for you! A feasibility study is the first step! 

A feasibility study precedes project implementation and technical development of a magnetic robotic crawler or a modificationAt VertiDrive we follow a structured process when investigating the feasibility of a customer requirement. The study evaluates a potential design of a magnetic robotic crawler that fits your wishes and determines the amount of work or modifications to be performed to automate the application at hand. 


Steps we take

First, we exclude that we really can’t provide you a solution with our existing crawlers. Second, we agree on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Now, the study can start and knows four stages: 

  1. Scope determination and defining your operation and specific requirements  
  2. Data gathering and investigation (system levels: requirements, mechanical systems, surface processing application, navigation, control, and integration)
  3. Determination of solution options 
  4. Recommendation report

– Outcome of study: positive/negative with explanation(s)
Indicative timeline for project implementation and technology development
– Cost estimation for final stages engineering (basic & detail), and realization &  implementation 


A structured approach to challenge us

This structured approach allows for a sound determination of whether or not technical development is feasible. The VertiDrive team has many years of experience to conduct studies and develops the best possible solution. Our Rotterdam company culture ensures an effective, no-nonsense approach! Interested in our feasibility study for your specific requirements? Contact our sales department and challenge us 

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