VertiDrive and JCLEAN join forces in China and start an extensive collaboration.

Recently JCLEAN and VertiDrive entered into a collaboration to introduce the VertiDrive magnetic solution for surface treatment. The collaboration leads to an enormous advantage for the end-users now VertDrive is locally represented by JCLEAN a sales partner who besides sales also provides technical support.


Full Solution Provider in surface treatment solutions

JCLEAN sales partner for TORBO and Kärcher now adds VertiDrive to her portfolio. Having now VertiDrive available as a brand leads to an enormous synergy, JCLEAN will be able to provide the full surface treatment solution for Ultra High-Pressure Waterjetting, High-pressure washing, and abrasive blasting for the industry. The presence of VertiDrive as a European brand in surface treatment automation is a very important step for JCLEAN in the future.


Interested in a demo?

JCLEAN heavily invested in VertiDrive equipment, to have it available for demonstration purposes. Any interest in a demonstration? Contact JClean they are happy to show you the advantages of having VertiDrive magnetic solutions in the surface treatment operation!