The VertiDrive M4 Closed Vacuum System

To be able to be the market leader in robotic surface preparation solutions, we listen closely to our customer’s feedback and stay up to date with industry demands. Sustainability and preservation of the environment are one of them. This is why closed blasting and UHP solutions are becoming more popular as open blasting and washing solutions are often less desired because of the health and environmental issues they can result in. A great example of this reasoning has been implemented by one of our clients who did a project on a storage tank in Australia where the tank was located in a residential area, where the M4 was deployed to reduce noise, dust, and prevent toxic waste of the coating to contaminate the environment.

Projects like these encourage and challenge us to keep improving our solutions. This is why we thoroughly test new improvements created by our R&D champions. Testing days like these are often very exciting as the improved solutions are being tested and pushed to their limits. You can now see how a testing day for the M4 looks like by clicking here to see a full M4 system being tested. In this video, you can see how our specialists are testing various adjustments in a new pan we are developing.

Yes, we are developing a new blast can for the M4, making closed blasting and washing, and waste collection even better! You can subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out on developments like these!

Are your surface preparation methods ready for the future? Challenge our sales department with your (upcoming) projects to see if a VertiDrive solution fits your business.


Have A Look At The M4

We would like to show you some important specs about the M4 solution