Robot ROI Calculator for Steel Surface Preparation

Calculating ROI allows you to measure the effectiveness of your potential investment. In this robot ROI calculation, we compare your current productivity and cost price against the future productivity and cost rate, with the use of our equipment. For those who are not quite sure yet if an investment in an automated system for hydro blasting jobs on steel surfaces would be worth it, we created this ROI calculator tool.

Why did we create the ROI Calculator?

VertiDrive considers the purchase of our equipment as an investment. When we enter the sales process with a potential customer, we want to be able to guarantee our solutions are adding value to our client’s operation. The best way to find out is to base our findings on quantifiable input, in the form of an ROI calculation.

To be able to determine if a VertiDrive solution would be a good fit for your business, it is necessary to first run the numbers and see what the actual potential is. VertriDrive’s sales representatives help you build a business case and this way calculate the ROI on an investment in VertiDrive units.

If you are interested to see your potential savings, you can fill in the calculation yourself to see what you can save on your steel surface preparation operations. After submitting your (estimated) calculation, our sales professionals can dive deeper into your results and can find the perfect VertiDrive solution for your project needs

Read along to find out what the calculator entails and how to fill it in!

How does the online calculator work?

The first step is to start by filling in basic information about you and your company.

Then, you will get to the introduction of our calculator. Please proceed by clicking “next step”.


The second step is to fill in the details of the project that you would like to use as a reference and compare your manual operations. This is done by providing input to the 6 fields. Additional information is shown on the right.

Wish to discuss your case or calculation results directly with a Vertidrive representative? Click here to contact one of our sales representatives.

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