INTRODUCING – VertiDrive’s tetraCORE™ WATERJET NOZZLE configuration package

  • Do you use your equipment at its maximum performance?
  • Do you know all the variables that make or break your production rates – and how nozzle configuration impacts your production?
  • The answer will probably be yes, but are you sure about that?

You’re likely a professional who has earned some or a lot of stripes in the business and who’s been around for a while. But does that define someone who knows it all, I beg to differ. Of course, it’s very valuable, but it can also be a pitfall.

Automated Solutions

Working the traditional way often is a lot less complicated than working with automated equipment. Working most efficiently, and maximizing performance can be a challenging task and more difficult to understand when working with automated equipment. Don’t make the fault to think it’s the same as manual labor. Everything you know is very valuable, but not all will be applicable while working automated.


Choosing the right nozzle configuration can be a daunting task! Several factors like pressure drop, flow rate, pump pressure, height, distance, and cleanliness grade needs to be taken into account.

These factors you’ve probably heard about and know how to deal with having a single nozzle. However, when working with multiple rotating nozzles have you ever thought about the correct nozzle configuration for the different distances they travel while the rpm for all nozzles are the same?

Optimize performance?

These and other challenges are experienced by a lot of professionals, and as an expert in automated cleaning solutions, VertiDrive is now offering their knowledge and experience to ensure you and your equipment will perform at their best.

Ask VertiDrive to help! With VertiDrive’s nozzle service, we’re making nozzle calculation and configuration easy. Maximize your blasting performance with the best quality nozzles and optimal configurations. We’ve achieved results of 200% increased performance, only by optimizing nozzle configurations.

Get your nozzles @VertiDrive

Besides a lifetime discount on nozzles, the package includes advice, calculations, implementation, and training on how to calculate and determine the optimal nozzle configuration yourself. All tailored to your specific situation while using the highest quality nozzles available on the market- tetraCORE™.

We will make it easy for you to select and configure the right configuration for each application, in order to achieve a long-term, efficient, optimal performance, and to keep your operating costs as low as possible.

Let’s maximize your performance together, today!