V400 Series

Robot Crawler
VertiDrive V400 Series

 Up to 45m²/484ft²

per hour


more efficient

Closed UHP Blasting

Efficient waste collection

V400 Series

Robot Crawler
VertiDrive V400 Series

Address costly operations, lengthy procedures, and safety concerns head-on!

Discover the future of steel surface preparation with the next generation VertiDrive V400 Series, embodying our creed: “Safer, Faster, Cleaner“, through a seamless fusion of safety, efficiency, and advanced technology.

VertiDrive V400 Series

Transforming Industrial Surface
Preparation with VertiDrive V400 Series

Experience a new era of industrial surface preparation with the V400 Series. This innovative robotic solution is built to withstand tough industrial conditions, meeting evolving environmental, safety, and labour regulations, and is capable of functioning in diverse positions – upside down, vertically or horizontally – thanks to our enhanced magnetic system.

VertiDrive V400 Series

Accelerating Production Rates
with the VertiDrive V400 Series

Experience a breakthrough in traditional UHP blasting methods with the V400 Series. Enjoy accelerated production rates, extensive coverage per hour, unparalleled water efficiency, and significant savings on your water bill.

VertiDrive V400 Series

Prioritizing Operator Safety and Revolutionizing
Accessibility with VertiDrive V400 Series

The V400 Series prioritizes operator safety, eliminating the need for UHP and abrasive blasting equipment in operators’ hands. Furthermore, it revolutionizes accessibility and safety by operating efficiently even in high wind conditions without the need for specialized structures or equipment.

VertiDrive V400 Series

Advanced Flash Rust Prevention and
Enhanced Performance with VertiDrive V400

Along with state-of-the-art surface preparation, the V400 Series provides advanced flash rust prevention. Boost your operations with our specialized vacuum system that manages wastewater efficiently during Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) blasting, leaving surfaces dry and ready for further treatments.

VertiDrive V400 Series

Redefining Waste Collection with VertiDrive’s
Skid Mount Vacuum System

Our Skid Mount Vacuum System for the V400 Series simplifies the waste collection, effectively collecting and storing waste materials responsibly. This system offers a perfect blend of performance, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Enclosed UHP Blasting

Key Specs & Benefits

Increased Production
Blast up to 45m² p/h

Climate Resilliant
Cooled & Non-Cooled Control Cabinets

Enclosed Blast Can
Blast and collect wastewater at the same time

Adjustable Magnets
Reach new highs with increased payload

Operator Friendly
Easy remote control whilst staying comfortable

Environmental Friendly
Collect all conteminants in a sustainable way

Maximum Output 
3000 bar @ 40 l/min

Powerful Self-Rotating Nozzle Cross
House up to 16 M10 nozzles for peak performance

Compatible with any UHP pump, vacuum truck, or the VertiDrive Skid Mount Vacuum System

Reduce cleanup time and scaffolding costs

Cleaning Width
400mm consistent quality blasting pattern

Able to blast in any direction (horizontal, vertically, upside-down)

Vacuum waste collection

Key Specs & Benefits

Efficient Waste Collection
Collect wastewater directly from the blasted surface

No need for large and expensive vacuum trucks

Pneumatic Control
ATEX zone 2 certified

Pre-separator Capacity
190 liters

Collection Barrel
Equipped with a 2” bottom drain

Air Consumption
10,8 Nm³/min @ 7 bar operating pressure.

Optional Big Bag Holder Attachment
Collect rust, paint, liners, etc. more precise and dispose of environmentally friendly

Skid Mounted
Easily move the vacuum system on job sites

Max Airflow
1380 m³/hr

Max vacuum
1400 mmWK

Air Hose Diameter

Low Maintenance
Minimal amount of moving parts prevents wear

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